What is Digital Marketing and How to learn Social Media Marketing?

With COVID-19, smartphones and the Internet have been disrupted all over the world. Technology has engineered possibilities in a digital spectrum that never existed two decades ago. Digital marketing has surfaced as a necessity for every business in order to stay ahead of the competitive curve. In this post, I will explain the sense of digital marketing and my best strategies for promoting content on the Internet.

YouTube bans misinformation against Covid vaccination, removes disinformation channels.

The largest anti-vaxxers of the Internet lose a major platform where they spread their lies about vaccines.

Why do freelancers mostly fail?

As freelance is growing and becoming popular all over the world due to a lack of job opportunities.
Stress Management

How to reduce Stress? using 5 scientifically proven techniques

When many of us think of stress, we find the best technique to relax as zoning in front of the TV and watch something that can make us happy.

Ford, Argo and Walmart will use robo-delivery to three US cities

Ford and Walmart partner up to launch a robot delivery service in three U.S. cities, using autonomous test vehicles equipped with sensors and software developed by Argo AI.

Learn how and where to download Twitter videos?

it notorious difficult to upload a video that was posted in a tweet. So if you want to share a video on Twitter, it usually means you'll have to share all the tweet with

7 Habits of very confident people as leaders.

l life, self-confidence is critical because it influences your success as a leader, how you engage with people, and your work in general

Facebook is ready to enter cryptocurrency market with its digital wallet

While there are still many divided opinions around cryptocurrency, large technology firms have been behind it. Not surprisingly, the social media giant, Facebook, is ready to get started now.
Solar Panels

Solar panel advantages and disadvantages you need to know before you buy Solar Panels.

Solar panels provide non-emitting power, reducing your carbon footprint. Their popularity soared in 2020, with gigawatts up 43% from 2019

Tips to make an outstanding Resume

A resume is a document that will work as a frontline soldier and talk to a prospective employer or hiring manager. Every time you apply for a position, you will need to submit a resume.