White House plans podcast-like weekly chats with President Biden

Joe Biden Podcast

The Biden administration is bringing back weekly addresses from the president but with a twist which will appeal to modern younger audiences. Consistent with the White House the new weekly chats will have an off-the-cuff Biden podcast-like style mimicking the type of casual chats the general public is employed to hearing in popular audio shows.

On Saturday the White House published the primary of Biden’s planned weekly podcast which was shared during a video on its YouTube channel. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that these chats will include ‘a sort of formats a number of them a standard presidential address others more casual with everyday Americans who were selected before time.

In the first weekly chat (above) President Biden spoke with Californian Michele Voelkert about her struggles to urge unemployment after getting laid off last year also because the effort to seek out a replacement job. The conversation also included mention online school, which has replaced traditional schooling during the pandemic.

The idea behind these new digital online weekly chats is that the typical person are going to be ready to engage with the content using the platforms they’re wont to. The Biden team embraced digital and alternative formats over traditional methods thanks to the pandemic; it is sensible that the administration would continue with this more modern alternative.

Weekly presidential addresses are something of a standard , but an inconsistent one, with some presidents regularly engaging with the populace during this way et al. abandoning it. President Obama was the foremost recent president to regularly conduct weekly addresses, a practice that persisted for less than a brief time during Trump’s term.

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