Totally reasonable guesses about Apple’s mystery B2002 product

Apple B2002

Little gets me as hot and bothered underneath my studded leather dog collar than a mystery Apple product — and what might be hotter and more mysterious than something called B2002?

Let’s probe the nonsense spouting from my fingers further. what’s this B2002 thing all about?

Well, the parents at MacRumors noticed Apple filed a product entry on the Bluetooth SIG database under ‘B2002’ in October. Now, the corporate has put a trio of M1-equipped Macs under an equivalent listing. But B2002 remains there.

“Okay,” I imagine you saying, “but what the hell does that mean — or need to do with anything?”

Well, when the listing first appeared, many assumed it had been just a term for M1 Macs. Now though, the addition of these machines to the database makes it clear B2002 are some things else entirely.

On top of this, there’s a raft of products (like the iPhone 12, Apple Watch Series 6, AirPods Max, and many, many more) that have already got an inventory on the database, meaning it’s unlikely to be something within these categories. we’ve a hot, alluring mystery on our hands, people.

Let’s gather what we do know.

As you’ll see below, B2002 is categorized as a private computer, with an outline as “Controller Subsystem + Host + Profile.” On top of this, the model number remains TBD (or “to be decided” if you hate acronyms).

b2002 apple product listing Bluetooth SIG
If you’re sensible, there are tons of things B2002 might be . Before the last Apple announcement of 2020, we theorized a few range of various upcoming devices, including a replacement Apple TV and therefore the long-rumored AirTags. Either of which might fit. And would be cool.

It may even be some kind of chip utilized in the M1 machines, which, to me, is presumably . this is often uncool.

But I’m not curious about being sensible, cool, or uncool. Instead, it’s time to fling some totally reasonable guesses about what B2002 actually is at the wall and see if any stick.

Guess 1: Apple fan

Bear with me here, but if you squint really hard at B2002, what does it look like? I mean really squint. Squint so you’ll barely see a thing. That’s right, B2002 kinda seems like “Brrrr.” And what causes you to go “brrr?”


I mean, if it works for Dyson, it can work for Apple too. On another note, don’t email me about this.

Guess 2: B2002 is code for an album

You could well tell me “an album doesn’t got to be registered on a Bluetooth database,” and, if you probably did , i might tell you to prevent living within the past.

We know from the U2 debacle that Apple loves pushing music on people, so why not update it for the future? rather than it being sent on phones, what if Apple uses your iPhone location to cannon a fresh album at you from space? And what if it’s Bluetooth-enabled, so you’ll connect your AirPods right thereto . I’m within the region of 80% that this may happen.

The question though is… what album? i feel I even have the solution . The clue is beat ‘B2002.’

Unravelling the primary clue is child’s play: 2002. it’ll be an album from someone popular in 2002. Easy, we’ve the list of the simplest selling albums right here. But the ‘B,’ what could that mean?

A quick scan of the aforementioned list reveals our answer: the eighth best selling album of 2002 was Britney by… Britney. That’s a double ‘B’ right there. Even more, the amount ‘8’ itself also seems like a ‘B.’ this is often not a coincidence.

If you’ve got an iPhone, expect to ascertain a replacement Britney album hurtling towards your delicate, face very soon.

Guess 3: the top DAYS

All this seems familiar? A code that starts with a letter? Followed by some numbers? Designed by a hugely powerful, international organization? In secret?

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