Twitter experiments with voice DMs


If you have ever dreamed of shouting at people using Twitter DMs, prepare for the simplest news of your life.

Twitter has begun rolling out voice DMs in India, Brazil, and Japan, per Android Central. India was the newest country to urge voice DMs while Brazil got them last year. People with access to the present feature can tap a voice recording icon within a DM conversation to record a message of up to 140 seconds long. The feature is out there on both the iOS and Android versions of the official Twitter app within the countries where Twitter has made it available.

If you would like to ascertain a fast demonstration of how it works posted a brief video explaining the way to send a voice DM.

Twitter confirmed to Mashable that there’s currently no timeline to bring voice DMs to the us. It’s possible that this is often a short-lived experiment that never sees a good release but the other is perhaps equally likely.

Voice DMs would bring Twitter’s private messaging functionality closer to feature parity with Messenger and WhatsApp which have already got similar features. It’ll be worth watching how twitter moderates voice DMs given how text DMs are already used for harassment and abuse on the platform. It might probably not be fun to urge a two-minute long message of some stranger screaming at you because you said something unkind a few Marvel movie.

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