7 Reasons to Use Instagram Marketing strategy for Successful Business in 2021

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a huge social media platform, which is backed by Facebook. There are 1 Billion active users. One of those users, 500 million share photos, videos, and IGTV videos on daily basis. Instagram is not only a social community of social media massive audience but Instagram business account plays a key role in the growth of business. Instagram business account provides features that create ease for marketing of your business.

In this digital business era, to target the right audience on social media is a major part of a successful Social media marketing strategy. You need to post the right content for the right audience at the right time. First of all, you need to switch Instagram business account from a personal account.  There are some salient features that differentiate between Instagram business accounts and Instagram personal accounts. Here are some advanced features of a business account.

  • Features of a Business Account
    • Hit Swipe up feature (with 10,000 or above followers)
    • Instagram insights
    • Contact Button
    • Links in stories
    • Ads
    • Promoted posts
    • Scheduled posts

Instagram is a great way to enhance your business and engagement with your potential customers. The study shows that almost 68% of people aged 18-24 are more inclined to buy products through Influencer marketing. Instagram is a reliable marketing tool to expand the presence and visibility of your business.

Here are some proven reasons, why you should test Instagram marketing for business growth and conversion.

1. Centered  Story Telling

It is human nature to love storytelling. Therefore people are more likely to make connections with any brand by emotion. However, Instagram is the best social media platform to make emotional connection through story creation. Focusing on human feelings is the best approach in social media marketing. Creating (behind the scene) stories will let build emotional response and customer engagement to your brand.

2. Visual Content

A picture is worth a thousand words. Images are the most engaging content in the digital world. Visual content produces 650% more engagement than text posts. Instagram is a huge visual (including photo, videos) social media platform which allows your social media audience to engage and develop branding of your business. A best social media marketing plan must contain visual content. Instagram insights help to know reach, post engagement, audience analytics about your visual posts.

3. Massive Audience

 Instagram has a massive potential audience. There are more than 700 million monthly users on this social media platform. When you advertise something on your Instagram business account, focus on relevant hashtags. Hashtags are the best way to reach many users who are more relevant close to your brand. You need to think rationally and some budget to hunt your business goals through the right hashtags. Because ultimately social marketing strategy has a goal to reach and engage the right audience. Hashtags are the best way to create awareness about your brand.

4. Getting feedback

As an expert marketer, you should chase what people think about your brands. What they talk about your products and services on social media.  Effective Instagram marketing allows you to use insights to check reviews and feedback. It is strongly important to know customer perception about your brand. Your hashtags of particular ads chase what others think and talk. They notify you; you can see comments and reply to them about good or bad reviews of the audience.

5. Keeping an Eye on your Rivals

Being aware of your competitors is a key point of a successful business person. It is crucial to know, how your rivals are interacting with the audience. Follow them, and know what they are posting? What contest about they are talking? What hashtags they are using? You can discover the best ideas and perspectives to develop a own creative Instagram marketing strategy.

6. Make Money directly

Instagram has enabled an e-commerce platform. Shop tab is an updated feature in Instagram business account which allows users to purchase directly from brands. Instagram shoppable posts are also key points in generating the sales of your online store. This allows Brand to add product description, price, and button shop now. This feature will create a direct connection between seller and buyer which is the best way to increase of your conversions.

7. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is effective content marketing of advertising strategy. Instagram allows influencers to collaborating and partnering with brands. Instagram influencers who established credibility and worthiness to persuade their followers to buy your products. There are many Influencer marketing agencies are available to promote and expand your business on social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

Marketing statistics 2021 shows that 98% of marketers say, Instagram is the most effective and popular platform for influencer marketing. There are 80% of people who follow businesses on Instagram. It is the most reliable platform for social media marketing of your business. The best time to post on Instagram is, Wednesday 11 AM –Friday 10-11 AM.

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