What are latest upcoming features of Twitter and Instagram?

Twitter Insta Update

Twitter announced two new updates in their platform. Super follows– allow content creators to charge their followers for access to content. That would enable paying followers to access gated content of their favorite icons or celebrities. Super followers would be granted in form of bonus tweets, badges, subscriptions, newsletters which reflects that they are supporting their favorite users.

Another one, Twitter Communities-Same as Facebook, a way for followers to join groups based on their interests. People would be able to get relevant posts and news about their interests.

Instagram update is, content creators can stream live with three users. This is called Instagram Live Rooms. It is a great opportunity for creators to collaborate with other users at a time. Live Rooms are the best way to boost their reach. Followers of creators would get notify when the Live room is scheduled.

Monetization features in Instagram live rooms include badge purchases during live sessions. According to Marketing Clock ,Companies have not announced specific timeline for releasing these features.

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