How to use a Pinterest Business Account for Promotion?


If you consider only Facebook and Instagram are the marketing platforms in digital marketing, you have stopped yourself to think ahead. Pinterest is a social media platform, also a very powerful marketing tool to maximize growth and creating awareness of your business. Your digital marketing strategy is incomplete without Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest has generated over 450 million users monthly. This means Pinterest has more monthly users than Tiktok. Pinterest is a great visual search engine. It has the ability to boost conversions and increase sales organically by visual content. Pinners upload business content including photo, short videos, and info graphics.

Still, if you have not created pinterest account for your business first, complete the process and let the business make presence on this powerful digital marketing tool.

 According to research there are some reasons to use Pinterest business account.

1.         85% of users use Pinterest mobile app.

2.         Half of users are USA based.

3.         60% of users are women.

4.         Pinterest ads are cost-effective than other social media platform.

5.         Click over the brand‘s website via a post on social media, which is higher than other social media platforms.

6.         80% of Pinterest users are USA moms.

7.         Half of Pinterest users are outside the USA.

How to use Pinterest for Marketing?

1. Create a Board for your Business Content

Create a board for uploading pins to show your business content. Board is a space where you save pins. You can add a link in the image description of all types of content including photos, blog posts, and videos and create as many boards as you want. You can categorize your content into different themes and ideas. Pinterest marketing also allows inviting your users to add content. It is a great way to increase the community engagement of your brand.

2. Create a Community

There are 340 million users who use pinterest at daily basis. Building communities play vital role in brand awareness and audience engagement. You can interact with your followers by answering their comments and queries. Update your business pinterest account at daily basis. Pinterest users can become your customers too.infact communities build brand loyalty and customer engagement. Update your business pinterest account at daily basis.

3. Increase your  followers

 Build more pinterest follower to expand your network.

  • Use hash tags to target like minded people
  • Promote your Pinterest account on other social media platforms.
  • Use keywords
  • Follow your competitors, to know what type of content; they are uploading to reach their targeted audience.
  • Use Pinterest Ads to reach audience as well as boost conversions.
  • Use influencer marketing on Pinterest

4. Educate Pinterest users

Pinterest is a powerful tool to engage users through visual content. Use infographics and images to create branding. View the boards of your followers to know what interest they have. Survey and ask them for feedback. Ask your audience, what they want more from your company. Create content for red-letter days. People love to find pictures for events like birthday parties, Christmas and Halloween etc. Design photo of mouthwatering recipe or different styles for hairs.

5. Post Frequently

Consistency in anything leads to get the required results. To gain millions of followers is not a difficult goal, but engage and fulfill user’s experience is the core objective of any business. Don’t only pin, but be consistent in uploading content at a specific time. Upload at least 30 posts on daily basis. Use Pinterest analytics to know your followers’ age group, working hours, and interests. The best time is to post on Pinterest between 8-11 pm. The suitable days for posting on Pinterest are Saturday and Sunday.

Final Thoughts

A picture worth a thousand words.  It is human nature, to get attracted by visual content always higher than text content. Globally website traffic is generated by mobile phone which is 50.81 %. Pinterest is a great way to generate traffic for your website.85% of Pinterest users use mobile app for Pinterest account. Every business can get a massive audience as well as boosting sales. Simply, you can add briefly your content in an image or blog post, and paste the link of your website for traffic and customer engagement.

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