30 Most In-Demand Jobs and Skills on Upwork

Online Work

The world is fast adapting to digital change. This new age of digital transformation is revolutionizing the way we innovate and conduct business. The demand for IT jobs is greater than ever. Upwork has highlighted 30 emerging and trending skills that could give you a long-term dream with high salary contract.

Not every job has a four-year college education. Depending on the scope of the work, certain jobs require specialized postgraduate degrees such as a master of science degree in artificial intelligence or a degree in robotics.

Meet 30 emerging and leading-edge competencies for a brighter future.

In-demand jobs and skills for 2021

Machine learning


Data analytics skills

Mobile application skills

VR (virtual reality) skills

Video production

SEO (search engine optimization)

Product management

In-demand jobs and skills (2019-2020)

Upwork analyzed job data for its platform in 2019. The company also issued a Hot Skills Index for freelancers. The most sought-after skills grow by over 120 per cent each year.


DaVinci Resolve

Social media marketing






Kendo UI


Statistical modeling

Salesforce Lightning

Relational databases

D3.js framework

Motion graphics


Packaging design

Microsoft Azure

Top jobs of the future

Cloud computing


Technology and computing skills are in high demand, more than ever in the history of humankind. Everyone should learn a computer skill based on their liking and preferences and start working as a freelancer and make money or search for their dream job with a reputable organization.

In this modern era, everyone would need a website to cement their place digitally. The foundation of your website must be based on something strong.

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