Rules you should follow 30-minute before sleep


While researchers have learned a great deal about sleep in the last 50 years, it is a relatively new area. Studies have shown that lack of consistent and restful sleep is associated with attention deficits, memory problems, mood disturbances and impaired mental performance. It makes so much impact on our lives that a chronic sleep loss of 2-4 hours per day for two weeks is found to degrade the performance to the same extent of 24-48 hours of complete sleep deprivation.

A good night’s sleep is important and healthy sleep patterns can make a great difference in the quality of our lives. Our concentration, mood, mental and physical performance improve due to restorative sleep. At all times, sleep can be improved by using these strategies:

In order to record a healthier sleep, doctors recommend setting a moratorium on screen time before going to bed.

Create a mood:

Nothing defines sleepiness better than reading. Reading should be part of the sleep routine because it helps relax your mind. It helps close the unnecessary workspaces of our minds by focusing on the book we read. When everything starts to stop, we go to sleep.

Apply the white noise:

Going to bed for sleep is usually difficult especially if one is a light sleeper. The white noise machine is the best solution to this issue. It helps to disconnect easily from surrounding sounds so that we can easily drift towards sleep.

Express your mind by writing:

Some days it is very difficult to separate from the powerful thoughts in our minds. To this end, writing thoughts on paper is the most effective way to get rid of them. Always keep a pad near the bed and removing them from the head will help you rest easier.

Being consistent:

Once you stop sleeping, it disturbs your routine. Therefore, follow your established sleep habits for once and follow them as much as possible. Even if we have to sleep late because of certain problems, it is always preferable to wake up at normal hours. Sleep loss may be covered with afternoon naps.

Leave the bed:

Even if everything fails and it is hard to sleep, it is better to get out of bed even if it is at night. Begin reading a book until the eyes begin to weigh down. This tip works as a spell and it makes you sleep much more quickly.

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