The shopping function will soon be available on WhatsApp.


Mark Zuckerberg announced the integration of purchases in the WhatsApp courier service. The announcement took place on his official Facebook post on June 23. In the post, Mark said that soon users will be able to see a shop on the world’s most popular e-mail service and chat with companies before making a purchase.

He also said in the mail that businesses will only need to set up a store once. And they will be able to make it work through all Facebook-owned companies like the Facebook app, Instagram and WhatsApp.

WhatsApp implements some other updates. The company is working on the introduction of a new messaging function that can help people do business more quickly. The user will be asked with a menu of up to 10 different options so that people do not have to manually type an answer. These instant response options will enable people to make a selection by pressing them, saving time and making the process faster.

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