How to get orders on Fiverr?


The global workforce is becoming self-sufficient. It’s freedom, you have the freedom to choose your own work hours and can make money without any limit. Self-employment is a fantasy for everyone. Who doesn’t want to be their own boss and work hard to build a safe career in which they can be financially independent?

The popularity of freelancers’ websites is increasing. In an independent contest where all the main sites promote a direct auction model, Fiverr is an independent market that focuses on the sale of services.

Buyers come to Fiverr, looking for what they are looking for, sailing across different Gigs. When they like a Gig which is basically a service with attractive pictures, full description, price, and timeline, they purchase that Gig when placing an order. The self-employed person whose service is purchased delivers the order and is paid.

The difference between Fiverr and other independent markets such as Upwork or Guru is the check. On these direct auction sites, the customer displays a project, the freelancer makes an offer, and if the customer likes the proposal, he assigns the project.

As a freelancer on Fiverr, you have little control over your shows. However, if you do certain things well, your Gig is promoted and potentially purchased.

So the million-dollar issue is, what are those attributes that make a concert look promising, promoted and attract orders?

Let’s delve deeper and look at these essential elements to highlight a Gig and get commands.

1- Title & Tags:

Here’s how to get started.

  1. Firstly, select your keyword for the category for which you want to create a Gig.
  2. Search on Fiverr and ensure results are sorted by ‘Relevance’.
  3. Open the Gigs located on Top (select a minimum of five).
  4. Record the title of the five Gigs in a notebook.
  5. Write the labels by copying from every concert in the notepad.
  6. Note what is the thing/element that is common to all these titles.
  7. Repeat this process for labels.
    (Short list of five best/most used/most commonly used tags and you will get a short list of tags and titles)
  8. Once the analysis is complete, carefully design your own title.
  9. Select a category, sub-category.
  10. Now we’re dealing with Tags. Write down the labels you shortlisted above. It is not necessary to modify anything here, not to reinvent the wheel. The idea is to take the imprint of Gigs success and reproduce.

Press Save & Continue. You have completed the basic but major phase.

2- Packages:

  1. Again, look for your key word on Fiverr.
  2. This time, ensure the results are categorized as “Best Selling”.
  3. Open ten randomized gigs.
  4. Take a closer look at their kits.
  5. Analyze what they all have in common.
  6. Choose these items, replicate them and replicate similar ‘extras’.
  7. In brief, create packages by watching these successful Gigs that are already doing well on Fiverr.

3- Description:

My recommendation to Gig ‘Description’ is:

  1. The first line is going to have my primary keyword. I just adjusted it and wrote it my way.
  2. In a new paragraph, I write what I’m going to do essentially – a very short answer and a previous outcome of a project.”
  3. In a new paragraph called “Call to Action”, I will ask a question and give the buyer a means to contact me. This is extremely important.
  4. You have to describe my work structure, how I work, and then a compelling offer.
  5. A detailed explanation of my department (key points should appear as bullets)
  6. Reasons for selecting me. The “why” is very important for getting a point of view about the concert.
  7. What will the customer obtain during delivery? Source files and so forth.

4- Images/Videos:

No matter what you did for item #2, repeat this for the images. The images used in a concert should be well created, catchy, enticing. An attractive picture attracts customers and they click on your vignette. So a pretty thumbnail is a key there.

In the Gig, the importance of the video should not be ignored. If you look at the successful patron of high-level concerts, you’ll see that they have videos, well, most of them do.

5- Promote Your Videos:

Now that you have created your Gig, one important step is to promote it on your social networks. I suggest using the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn page. These platforms let you make a public post (FREE) and use hashtags to reach out to different categories, for example, if you are a content writer, you can use #writer, or if you are a graphic designer, use #graphicdesign.

The best way to choose a hashtag is to type # and then write a word, such as ‘graphic’. The platform will automatically provide all suggestions for this keyword. Choose the one that best meets your needs and use it.

In the message, use the link to your performance. I advise you to shorten the URL, many sites provide this service free of charge. Use a beautiful image, write a short story on your service, use hashtags and publish. You will see the difference in your Gig views in the next couple of days.

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