How to secure your Facebook account from hackers?


Social media is a need in this day and age. Your social media account is of importance to you. These accounts also serve commercial purposes. They are required to be kept safe from piracy attempts.

There are not many basic things that should be taken into account for safety purposes. If you do not exercise enough, you can keep your account safe.

The first thing first, the most important thing is your e-mail address and selecting the password.

Always keep private the email you have used to create social media accounts. Check Facebook’s privacy settings to confirm the email associated with this account is configured on Me Only.

Your Facebook login password must be solid and familiar. The password must meet all the requirements of a powerful password.

Your Facebook account password and e-mail address password must differ from one another. You must use a different password for each social media application. Mostly, users replace one or two characters in their password and use it in another social media application. To retain a similar password, substitute at least four characters. Best of all, the password is not the same as any other password used.

Activate 2-factor authentication in Facebook settings. The email you used to save your Facebook account needs to be set up on your mobile device. It will help you receive notifications on your phone if someone has attempted to login to your account. To reset the password, enable 2-factor authentication and configure notifications to receive text and e-mail messages.

Your user ID is really important and your account security starts here. When someone wants to break or hack your account, your login is the first thing they need.

When you register for certain apps, it gives you options which you want to register from a Facebook or Google account. You can also find an option to opt-in from your email account. You can create a fictitious email address to do so, register from your fictitious email address. Don’t use your main Facebook or Google account on third-party apps. The password for a fictitious account must be different than the password for the main account.

When you sign up through your Facebook or Google account, some websites get token authentication. If you use Facebook on your cell phone, you may see certain messages with links. When you click on the link, it prompts you either to open that link on Facebook or Google Chrome. For the most part, the user opens these links in Google Chrome. This link takes you to one login page. The user enters their e-mail address and password to connect and see their message. Hackers may create such links which lead to their page and steal your login information.

A best practice is to select only legitimate links. Avoid opening links in the browsers, opening links in the Facebook app is safe.

When you register using your Facebook or Google account, some websites obtain token authentication. If you use Facebook on your mobile, you can see some of the messages with links. When you click on the link, it will ask you to either open the link on Facebook or Google Chrome. In large part, the user opens such links in Google Chrome. This link brings you to the login page. The user enters his e-mail address and password to log in and view his message. Hackers can create such links that lead to their page and steal your log-in details.

One best practice is to select only legitimate linkages. Don’t open links in browsers, opening links in the Facebook app is safe.

Pirates use social engineering techniques to gain access to a person’s account. Pirates use some fake accounts and try to get a click on the link of an application. Since users generally do not trust perfect strangers, they become active on the target’s social media account and become familiar with the account holder.

Some Web sites offer link account options. The user may link his social media accounts to the user accounts of these websites. Users should ensure the site is legitimate before logging in to their accounts. It is recommended that social media accounts not be linked to other sites. If it is a lot beneficial go for it otherwise better do not connect. Sometimes, marketing companies ask a user to share some links that may lead to making Facebook accounts vulnerable and may be compromised.

Setting up a free VPN from unreliable sources can also become a password thief. You can compromise the security of your Facebook account by installing a free VPN that gives you access to emails, pictures and videos.

Several decades ago, hundreds of passwords were stored. Each household had a journal telephone number with telephone numbers of all relatives and friends. It is now common practice to keep email addresses and passwords in a text file on their devices. Passwords must not be stored on Cloud, Google or Microsoft drives. If you need to keep passwords written somewhere; log them.

Always keep your computer anti-malware up to date. Never run a crack antivirus version. Antivirus should be from a well-known reliable firm. If the purchase is unsuited to the budget, a trial version can be used.

Some browsers provide a functionality to store passwords. At times, unreliable source extensions try to steal stored passwords. The best place to store passwords is in your head. If you must retain a record, an electronic text form is not recommended.

In Facebook, the settings still check the connection locations. Review third party applications and verify unnecessary access that has been granted. Delete any applications not in use. Sometimes users grant permission to a game application and they use this token authentication to like certain other pages on Facebook without your knowledge.

For password recovery, you can add your trustworthy friends to the proper list. Deselect the Keep me login setting checkbox. Always remove a link, video or image of an outsider. If a sender is known, think again before starting a link.

I hope this helps to keep your Facebook account safe. As one old adage puts it, precaution is the best medicine.

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