Jack Ma gives incredible tips to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Jack Ma
Jack Ma

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba and the richest man in China has no need to be introduced. It has taken the Internet by storm over the past few years with its amazing interviews and speeches and the success of Alibaba.

Jack often talks about his life experiences, his failures and his determination to do something on the Internet in the 90’s. He explained how he made Alibaba one of the most incredible online companies and gives tips to young people on life and business.

In an interview in a college, while taking questions from the students, Jack gave the three best bits of advice he thinks could help young people do good business and win in a long run.


1- You should be always optimistic

A great entrepreneur ought to look to the future with optimism. According to Jack, only optimistic people create a better future, so we should also be filled with hope and dream big.

If you look at the success tracks of high achievements, you discover that they were dreamers and they were optimistic about the positive outcomes.

This was also confirmed by Masayoshi Son, who was questioned as to why he was investing so much in Alibaba. He responded that Jack’s eyes were bright and very hopeful.

2- Find the best team

Find people with faith in your dream and vision. That’s one of the reasons Jack Ma hires more intelligent people than he does. It also focuses on the importance of dreams, partnering with the right people. According to Jack, the only problem with each startup is the lack of a team capable of turning your vision into reality.

3- Ask yourself, what can you  sacrifice in life

Jack says, are you asking if I will gain in 3 years out of 10 months?

It is very important that new businesses prepare for the future.

He also says pampering and taking care of the customer is very important.

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