Learn how and where to download Twitter videos?


The platform makes it notoriously difficult to upload a video that was posted in a tweet. So if you want to share a video on Twitter, it usually means you’ll have to share all the tweets with. Of course, you can still save the recording on the screen, save the recording, edit it on the desired clip and save the video in this way. But it’s a lot of stages, and it doesn’t always leave you with the best quality. But don’t worry: there’s another easier way to download videos.

The next time, Stephen A. Smith’s reaction video posts to Twitter and you want to share it with someone on a different app or even just save it for yourself in your phone’s meme folder, it’s simple to do if you know the right steps.

Below is a guide on how to upload videos to your phone or computer and how to back up videos.

1. Select the Twitter video you want to download or save

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There are tons of videos flooding Twitter, videos reacting to videos that someone has recorded and posted by himself. The first step to learning how to download a video is to track the video you want to record.

2. Copy the video link from Twitter

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Once you have found a video that you wish to download, copy the link to the tweet that contains the video. If you use a browser, you can copy the URL directly into the browser address bar. You can also click the share button on the bottom right corner of the tweet, and select “Copy link to Tweet.” If you’re on mobile, click the share button on the bottom right corner of the tweet. Next, choose “Copy the link.” Now you’re really on your way to download and record videos from Twitter.

3. Download the Twitter video or save the video with a third-party website.

Now that you have the copied tweet link, you will want to go to Record Tweet Vid or Twitter Video Downloader. Attach the copied link and click Download.

Voila! Your Twitter video, stored on your device.

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