Why do freelancers mostly fail?


As freelance is growing and becoming popular all over the world due to a lack of job opportunities. People are starting to express their views about the pros and cons of freelancers. In Pakistan, the buzzword was also popular. Many governments and private programs are established to teach independent work. Sadly. Most still believe, Freelancing doesn’t work. Let’s look at the reasons why independents fail?

There could be many reasons for this observation, but I would like to take a minute to talk about advocacy. Why everyone should try their hands on digital freelance work and offer their services in marketplaces and make money.

The prospect of growth:

In the month of August 2021 according to MOIT Ministry of IT and Telecom Pakistan’s technology exports were recorded at $224 million. Exports for the same month last year totalled $124. That’s over 80% of the increase and eyes forecast to the new increase in number in the same month next year. In the current fiscal year, IT exports accumulate to over $2 billion, whereas the same number was recorded at $1.44 billion last year (fiscal calendar 2019-20).

Freelancers have played a huge role in orchestrating these phenomenal numbers for IT exports. Freelancers of the Digiskills program have donated more than $200 million to date. This gives us a strong indication that Freelancing is good and viable for everyone.

The reason you are disheartened is that you may have excellent technological skills, but you fail in communication and business development. The art of selling is, well – it is an ART!

Why people fail (majority) is also due to:

1. Lack of time discipline (You have to allocate certain hours in a day to different markets by bidding, searching for customers).
2. Lack of patience (You are in competition with the best of the best then be patient. Now, if you have good communication abilities, your task becomes much easier).

You think freelancers don’t work because you can’t find buyers who are looking to purchase your services. The real pain is, how do you like these buyers looking for you?

What is the solution?

The answer is straightforward. To make freelancing viable in the long run with the best return on investment (time and money), change the mode of work.

How about making clients approach you directly instead of you searching for them?

My suggestion is, along with freelance Hustle, to do that…

Create a website, advertise on Google for your freelance keywords.
Build a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.
Speak about your work all the time. Be consistent. This requires patience but once it kicks off, the sky is the limit.
To explore multiple revenue sources.
Think affiliate in the same skill set that you provide as a freelance.
Think blog + Youtube (both display positive results next to one another).
Think product (expand service channels).
Go for Startup, Create Jobs, Grow Exponentially.

Throughout the process, keep in mind the importance of building a strong place on the various social media platforms.

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