How to secure your Facebook account from hackers?

Social media is a need in this day and age. Your social media account is of importance to you. These accounts also serve commercial purposes.
Online Work

30 Most In-Demand Jobs and Skills on Upwork

Upwork has highlighted 30 emerging and trending skills that could give you a long-term dream with high salary contract

Rules you should follow 30-minute before sleep

Studies have shown that lack of consistent and restful sleep is associated with attention deficits, memory problems, mood disturbances and impaired mental performance.

Verizon sells Yahoo and AOL to Apollo for $5 billion

Verizon, which bought AOL in 2015 and Yahoo in 2017, is now selling them to venture capital firm Apollo Global Management for $5 billion.
Harvard University Free Courses

Harvard University offers 64 FREE e-learning courses.

In the coronavirus crisis, Harvard University provides 64 free online learning courses to help students learn their favourite subject from around the world.

what and How is an anechoic chamber used for

Exactly, this is what we are talking about in the beginning. You will be amazed to know that It is a place on earth where you can have no sensation of any sound.

WhatsApp ‘flaw’ lets anybody lock you out of the app but it’s complex.

A new vulnerability in WhatsApp's authentication system allows an attacker to block you from the application, or in other words, deactivate your account.

The Facebook rating recently went from 4.0 to 2.6 in the Google Play Store.

The Facebook app's score has recently fallen from 4.0 to 2.6 on Google Playstore.
Microsoft's Self-Driving Car

How does Microsoft’s self-driving car strategy is better then others

The traditional thanks to enter an emerging market is to either build it yourself or pip out from somebody else. Google developed its own self-driving car lab within the late 2000s,
Window 10

Windows 10 Updates: You need to try these 3 new features

Here are three of the best things from the Windows 10 October 2020 update (also known as the 20H2 version), and how to use them.
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5 things that make your business successful.

When you own a company, you have the ability to be your own boss. Work with extraordinary people, create your own schedule and make a living doing what you enjoy doing