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Location broker X-Mode continues to trace users location despite app store bans.

Hundreds of Android apps, much more than previously disclosed, have sent granular user location data to X-Mode, a knowledge broker known to sell location data to U.S. military contractors.
MI Remote wireless Chaging

Xiaomi’s remote wireless charging powers up your phone from across the space.

Mi Air Charge promises to power up your phone at 5W from up to many meters away and thru objects.
Microsoft's Self-Driving Car

How does Microsoft’s self-driving car strategy is better then others

The traditional thanks to enter an emerging market is to either build it yourself or pip out from somebody else. Google developed its own self-driving car lab within the late 2000s,

Elon Musk’s SpaceX with new record for most satellites using single launch with latest...

Space X has set all-time record for the foremost satellites launched and deployed on one mission, with its Transporter-1 flight on Sunday
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